Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data does Mediana use for consulting and evaluations?

Managing over 370 apartments since 2017 on Airbnb has given us crucial information on what kind of properties are profitable for investments. As of January 2022 we’ve managed over 26,800 reservations in different locations of Georgia. We use this data to give our clients an in depth look in Georgian short-term rental market and help them mitigate risks when investing in real-estate. 

What is the best time of year to invest in rental properties?

It’s better to invest in apartments in need of renovations during the off-season, that way you don’t miss out on too much revenues and have time to get ready for the coming high-season.

For apartments with with working Airbnb accounts, it’s the opposite, you’d much rather start generating cashflow during the high-season and maximize initial revenues.

For apartments with no need of renovations or design changes, which haven’t been rented out on Airbnb before, it’s better to invest only a month before the high-season and get a few reservations and reviews on the Airbnb account. This way the listing is more visible on the website during the peak of high-season compared to accounts with no reviews.

Which areas of Tbilisi are best for investing in rentable properties?

Our data shows that apartments in tourist friendly locations of Tbilisi are generating the most income in these districts:
Sololaki, Chughureti, Mtatsminda, Vera, Old Tbilisi and Avlabari.
All of the mentioned districts have their positive and negative qualities which we take into careful consideration when recommending apartments.

Which is more profitable, renting out apartments long-term or short-term?

If chosen correctly, an apartment can bring in almost 2x the revenues if rented out short-term, compared to long-term.

Even though, daily renting on Airbnb and is a lot more profitable compared to long-term renting, it is a lot more time consuming and risky if not done properly. That’s why we recommend our clients to get professional help when renting out their apartment on Airbnb to maximize their income and comfort.

What is the minimum investment that I can make?

We recommend investing in properties with minimum value of $60,000. Apartments with lower value tend to not perform well as they are either too small, are too far away from tourist-friendly locations, or are not up to the standards of well-performing Airbnb apartments.

How long does it take until I start generating cashflow after investing?

It can take as little as just 1 day for your apartment to start generating cashflow when you invest with Mediana.

It depends on what kind of apartment you decide to invest in. If you choose an apartment with a working Airbnb account the onboarding process only takes a single day. If you invest in a property in need of renovations it can take anywhere between 1-3 months to start generating profit.