We understand how crucial insightful data is before making any big decisions. Drawing on our professional experience and real-time data, we present you with a few of the most suitable properties on the market for investment and walk you through our detailed report (Location overview, asset performance, financial estimates, revenue forecasting, and legal issues).

From apartment purchase and negotiations to project planning, renovation, design, and management – our experienced team handles the entire process until you have a working rental property generating steady cashflow.

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Evaluation – If you have done your research and bookmarked several properties, we can accurately evaluate every aspect of the property and its rental potential so you can make better investment decisions.

Our partnership with Wehost, a leading property management company in Georgia, is the backbone of our success. Wehost’s portfolio of 370+ apartments and more than 26,800 reservations in 4 different cities yield invaluable data that help us assess the property value and investment potential.

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Being a partner company of Wehost, the largest Airbnb and daily rental management platform, we are always one step ahead. We guide our clients through every step of the apartment purchasing journey and, in due time, offer property management services, taking care of all the day-to-day needs. Our team works with you to create the perfect Airbnb experience for guests. From start to finish, Mediana handles it all.

Our detailed services for apartment management can be seen here.

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Sell your apartment

Would you like to sell your apartment, but don’t know how or where to start? We have helped hundreds of homeowners find their perfect buyer, with no extra costs incurred. If your property is centrally located in Tbilisi and matches our current portfolio, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork and legal processes.

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We carefully assess the renovating potential of each property. If your apartment is centrally located, we can transform it into a profitable rental property and curate the development process from project planning to renovation, design, and management.

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Legal Matters

We have extensive knowledge of the local legal and regulatory framework and proactively handle all necessary legal services required for purchasing a property in Georgia.

Buying a property is the easiest way to acquire Georgian residency. For anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio and generate additional sustainable revenue streams, we can provide subsequent legal assistance to accommodate their lawful stay in Georgia.

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