completed projects


Sold as: Active properties with an Airbnb account

Tastefully decorated and fully equipped apartments with terraces and amazing views on city, located in old, historic Tbilisi, in the district of Avlabari.

Shindisi St. Project in Sololaki

Sold as: Black frame

Shindisi street apartment in Tbilisi is now one of the best-performing 2 bedroom apartments on Airbnb in Georgia. This black frame apartment has had a long road to get to where it is now, with 4.96 rated listing and more than $40,000 Revenues generated in just 2 years.

ingorokva st. project in mTatsminda  

Renovated from scratch

Tastefully decorated apartment has unique qualities to it, with the large circular window looking over the living room from the upstairs bedroom it offers great contrast between the historic building’s vintage exterior and apartment’s modern interior.